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What are you thoughts on this?

Did you know you can feed your dog a raw fed diet?

I didn't... But I am soooo grateful about being told about a raw fed diet, I mean it is what they eat in the wild isn't it.

Our Daisy has always being fussy with kibble and wet food. I can't really remember the young eating days but nearly 3 years ago I remember asking advice on her feeding through Facebook as we all know what the power of Facebook can do!

A lot of people do have their own opinions on why they WONT feed Raw and again why they do feed raw!

As you know I now feed Daisy Raw food and what a difference it has made over the time !

Her teeth and breath is less smelly ! her coat is so shiny and soft and her poop!! well lets say its a lot less and it doesn't smell half as bad!!!

Again why raw... Dogs are known to be carnivores so it is something they would do in the wild so therefore their bodies are designed to digest the meat and bones. They is also so many benefits to feeding raw..

- Increased energy

- Fresher breath

- Stronger immune system

- Shiny coat

- Healthier skin

- Better digestion

The cost for feeding a Raw diet depends on the weight of the dog, Daisy is 15kg so there fore she has between 400g-500g a day but you can find out how much to feed your dog/s on the natural instinct website >

Depending on where you shop for your food also depends on the pricing of the food per day. We order from Stef's Pet Pantry >

We order a range of different brands from Stef's Pet Pantry. One of the brands is DAF Which one tub costs £1.39 which this will cover her morning and evening feed so therefore it can be around £1.39 per day but some other brands can be more expensive it just depends on what you choose. I have never used anyone else apart from Stef's Pet Pantry and she is fab!! She can help you with anything and she posts some great videos on Facebook. You can order complete meals from Stef which is 80% meat 10% bone 10% Offal but if you don't want to buy completes you can also do your own DIY Raw fed diet.

They is so much I could talk about with Raw feeding, and what else you can give your dog with their raw food, but again if you do want to feed Raw this is something else you will learn and research on!


Why Kibble.. do you know what is in your kibble? How it is made? Next time your are in the shop looking for some Kibble take a quick look at the ingredients . They is a very good documentary on the kibble lifestyle for dogs which does explain what is in it and why is is bad for your dogs.

This is a very interesting clip! It is definitely worth a watch and it will make you think if you are doing the right thing by feeding Kibble.

Do you ask yourself if the more expensive the kibble the better? This can and cannot be true. For some dogs digestion system the cheap food works which you do want the best for your dog and its health so then cheap is what you will buy, But again take a look at the ingredients on the cheap and a more expensive brand and see if they are similar or massively different.. see what you can teach yourself with researching the kibble lifestyle. Again here another clip from Stef regarding cheap and more expensive foods

I do feel like I am just nattering on now, I do hope this blog was interesting for you and makes you thing about your dogs diet and what is best for your dog!!

Thanks !!

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