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About Tails 'n' Trails

At Tails 'n' Trails we are focused on providing a dog walking service with the highest levels of customer satisfaction & we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. 

We are designed to help people who are unable to take their pet for a walk due to full time employment, illness or if you have been invited to an event for example a wedding or a general busy day out.

We are happy to help with any needs that you may have. We are covering all local areas around Ripon such as Littlethorpe, Burton Leonard, Bishop Monkton, Markington, Boroughbridge, and more!  

Tails 'n' Trails will be running 5 days a week, Times are flexible and we will be able to help meet your needs.

A little bit about us!! 

Myself Ellie started up the business back in 2015 to which i started off with one client and i didn't drive at the time! It was just me and my Border Collie Daisy. Soon followed my driving test which was a pass and then along came a second client.. which turned into more and more! A lot of help with my Facebook page. I was working hard in my little car to start with along side a full time job. I soon got so busy that i could go full time with my dog walking which was brilliant and i took the jump! Once this jump was taken I continued to get busier and busier. 


We are fully insured, Full licensed and DBS Checked!!

Me, Myself and I 


Hey, I'm Ellie. 

To the left is a picture of myself with some of the dogs. I've grown up around animals all my life as well as being a big lover of animals, both big and small, this is why my life is dedicated to caring for your pets! I am here to help and make sure your pets are happy and content! 

Myself (Ellie) First started up this business in 2015!  When I started dog walking in 2015  it was with my very own Border Collie named Daisy! Now Surprisingly I have more dogs of my own!  I have grown the business to be able to help meet the needs of all animal lovers in the world and to be able to ensure the animals are at ease and enjoy the company with myself whilst you aren't at home! 

This is another picture of me with my 2 dogs. Daisy & Clover.
We love going out on adventure regardless  if it is summer or winter! 

204040295_3057731067788549_8213894824972618613_n (1).jpg

As you can also see I did attend a Level 3 certified Ofqual course! 

If any of the dogs do cut their paw, tail or ear, I will know exactly what to do until the dog can get to a vet. 

I will also be able to help in other situations such as wasp/bee stings, choking, stick that might stuck, etc.


Here is just a small image of my van, which is fully kitted out in the back to make sure the dogs are separate and happy. 

The van is kitted out with full timber framing with doors and crates inside. 

We have rubber flooring so it is easy to clean.

The van is also fitted with a air vent on top to keep the dogs cool in summer and to help avoid condensation 

Our Team
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