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Dog walking

Tails 'n' Trails dog walking provide a variety of stimulating walks for your dog/s to enjoy themselves, have a good run and interact with their friends. 


- The walks are an hour long (travelling to and from walks does not contribute to walking time).

- There will be lots of positive affection and attitude towards your dog at all times.


- Dog will be allowed off lead with owners permission and toys given as requested. 


- Water bowls will be refilled and we will also provide towels to dry your dog off when wet.


- Meals and medication can also be given to your dog at your request.

- A great source of enrichment will be provided for your dog & will help them gain extra social skills.


- We guarantee a safe environment with constant supervision to ensure your pup returns home safe, tired and happy!  

- Dog walking  £12  per hour 

2nd dog from the same house extra £8 per dog.

- 2 Dogs at the same house = £20

- 3 Dogs at the same house = £32

- 4 Dogs at the same house = £40

- 5 Dogs at the same house = £52

- 6 Dogs at the same house = £60

(It is rare we visit a house with more than 2 dogs but we have had a client with 6 of their own dogs before)

we do NOT accept in-tact males.

Bank holidays = Double time

Weekends = Time and a half

Walking times:

1st walk starts between 9am &10am

2nd walk starts between1130am & 12pm

**Your dog/s will be picked up as early as 1hr before walk times**

We will collect the dog/s from your home and then take them for a full hours walk. I will be doing various dog walks throughout the day.  We are licensed & insured to walk 6 dogs each.

Regards to getting into your home whilst you are not in - people normally give myself a spare key or use a key safe! all key codes and keys are kept safe/removed from the van when not in use.

I also have many of my own leads to use for walks. I also have many towels to wipe your dog/s down with when weather is very wet & muddy.

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