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Questions & Answers 

This page is for you! Here are some frequently asked questions that we get all the time. Maybe there is some questions on here that you might not have even thought about asking your potential new dog walker! 

How many dogs can you walk at any one time? 

 - In our insurance we are allowed to walk up to 6 dogs per person! We do also believe that the dogs enjoy running around and interacting with other dogs on their walk. 

What are your prices? 

 - Our prices can be found above in 'our services' Tab 

Are you insured? 

 - Yes as a company Tails 'n' Trails do hold valid insurance for each person! 

Do i get to meet my dog walker? 

 - Yes, we do offer a free meet & great before going ahead with any service so we can discuss your needs further and also to meet yourself and your pet!  Head over to our 'contact us' Tab to get in touch.

What happens if I need to cancel? 

 - We can be contacted at any time by email, text, call but we do also require a 24hour notice of cancellation as they may be a charge.

What would you do in an emergency? 

 - In the unlikely event of an emergency we would call you straight away to notify you, if no answer we would leave a voicemail plus text. In our meet and greets we do require a contract form to be filled out which asks for another form of emergency contact. If Veterinary care assistants is needed we will then take your pet to the named address on the contract form or depending on the circumstance it will be the nearest Veterinary clinic to us! 


Will my dog always be under supervision? 

 - Yes! Your pet will be under constant supervision by one our experienced Tails 'n' Trails members! Your dog will NEVER be left unattended 

My dog has not been spayed/Neutered, Can he/she still be walked? 

 - This can be discussed in the meet and greet, each dog is different and will be considered separately but we do have the right to refuse any dog.

We do NOT accept in-tact males.

What security measures do you have in place? 

 - If a spare key is given to a Tails 'n' Trails team member we make sure the key/s are kept safe and away from any information. No key will have address details on them. In the event of keys being stolen we will notify yourself as soon as possible. 

What happens if my dog doesn't get on with another dog? 

 - We do always assess the situation and we can switch groups around to make sure all dogs are comfortable with each other. 

Will I receive regular updates? 

 - Yes, If anything unusual/out of the ordinary happens with your dogs behaviour or with your dogs number 2's ect we will always update you on the situation. 

What happens in bad weather? 

 - We then get wet!! No matter what the weather we make sure we meet your needs and take your best friend out for their walk! If it has rained or snowed we do try clean of your dog best as possible! 

Do you walk dogs off lead? 

 - This depends on your dog, whether they can be let off lead or not. If your dog is a little rusty on their recall we do keep them on lead. We do only let your dog off lead with written consent.

When are you available to walk my dog? 

 - We walk dogs Monday - Saturday we do like to give ourselves a day off on a Sunday! Head over to our 'dog walking' Tab for more information on walks.

How long is my dog walked for? 

 - We do a full 1 hours walk with your dog. 

Head over to our 'dog walking' Tab for more information on walks.

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