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About getting a puppy...

So it is that time of year again, Christmas time where everyone thinks that it is the best present to get someone, A friend, a partner, a family member!

Have you grasped onto what I am going on about yet? A puppy of course!

Yes puppies are so cute , cuddly and adorable. The smell they come with is unbearable and all you want to do is sit there and cuddle! But think about it.. is a puppy definitely right for you and your lifestyle? Not all breeds are the same, some bouncy, high energy, needy and demanding. Also not to forget they don't stay a small puppy for long! They grow into a an adult dog.

Also as well as buying they is adopting... Are you against buying? if so why?

It is your choice whether you buy or adopt and no-one should judge that!

Both buying and adopting has there advantages and disadvantages, but make sure you research a lot before deciding which one you pick.

Also they is the questions to ask, some will be good for just buying and some for both buying and adopting. Take a look at some of these questions below

- ask to see the puppies with their mum

- ask the age of the pups

- ask if they are fully weaned - pups should be fully weaned from mum by 7 weeks old

- ask age of mum- mum should be over 1 year old, but not too old

- how many litters has mum had- dogs can have up to 3 litters but this also varies on their health.

- have the pups been wormed - pups will most likely have worms when born so the worming should start at 2 weeks old and continue every 2 weeks

- does your pup look healthy - check eyes, ears, and private area.

- when can i take my puppy home

- is my pup micro-chipped - this is now something all breeders have to do by the law.

- ask about the pups socialisation and experiences so far.

- ask if they has been any issues with the pups health whilst growing up

Things to consider when buying a puppy:

Never buy from a pet shop

Avoid anywhere advertising more than three different breeds

Do Not buy a puppy if you have any doubts about the breeder or situation – even if you want to rescue it.

And they is also many many many more questions that can be asked! Which also is again something you will need to think about.

Think about what breed of dog you would like, think about if the breed of dog will fit into you and your lifestyle, Research the breed and get to know as much as possible about the breed of dog. Speak to other people that have the breed of dog you may be interested in.

They is so much to talk about so i do have a feeling id be talking forever!! I know most of this has been about buying and not adopting but again it is your choice on what you do!

Hope you all enjoyed.

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