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Wheres the poop?!

So its reached that time of year again!!

The nights are getting colder and darker! The only decent time of day to walk your dog is late morning/early afternoon! At the moment many dog walkers including the professional ones and coming to a big struggle during the Autumn days !

Who can guess what this struggle may be? Who knows...

We do all enjoying going out on out daily walks with our best friends right? Who doesn't and I must say there is definitely always the same thing we have to do on our walks , day in and day out and even in our garden!! PICK UP THE POOP!!

But... Where is the poop... I can't see it? I can smell it...


Who else has this struggle? And why do we have this struggle.... Because its Autumn!

All the leaves are now falling off the trees, no matter where you go there is leaves, leaves everywhere! In the woods, on the fields, on the path, in the garden you can't get away from them!

And it doesn't matter if you tidy up the leaves in your garden into a nice neat pile because your dog is still most likely to go and poo on them!! Why? We don't know!?

Actually I think they secretly know what they are doing to us! Do you agree?

But again they is nothing we can do about this but keep searching for the poop!

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